Over the past few months, we have been diligently working on various projects, with this blog focusing on LED lighting installations. Our dedication to providing innovative and energy-efficient solutions has allowed us to lead the way in transforming spaces with superior lighting technologies.

LED lighting has gained immense popularity in recent years, and for all the right reasons. With their exceptional energy efficiency and longevity, LEDs have become the go-to lighting choice across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. As a progressive electrical installation company, we have always believed in embracing the latest advancements in the industry to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Our team of highly skilled electricians has been at the forefront, installing LED lighting systems that not only enhance the aesthetics of spaces but also significantly reduce energy consumption. We take immense pride in the fact that our work has contributed towards creating sustainable environments for our valued clients and reducing their carbon footprint.

First on our list is a bespoke LED lighting installation project we recently completed at Gidi’s Grill in Dundee. With the aim of creating a warm and inviting ambiance, our team installed LED lights throughout the dining area, highlighting architectural features and accentuating the restaurant’s unique decor. The result? A stunning visual transformation that delighted not only the restaurant owners but also their customers. Moreover, LEDs provide exceptional energy efficiency, reducing the restaurant’s electricity consumption and overall operating costs.


Moving on, we are excited to share our successful LED flood lighting & column installation at Royal Gwent Hospital car park. By replacing conventional sodium lighting fixtures with high-quality LED lights, we were able to significantly enhance visibility and safety for drivers and pedestrians alike. LED lights offer superior brightness and colour temperature, ensuring clear visibility at all times. Additionally, their long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements translated into substantial cost savings for the car park management.

LED Car Park

LED Carpark view

Lastly, we turn our attention to an impressive LED lighting installation project at a luxurious swimming pool. Our team carefully selected suitable IP rated LED fixtures, specifically designed for water-based environments, to transform the pool area into a mesmerising oasis. The vibrant colours and mood-enhancing effects provided by the LED lighting not only created a tranquil atmosphere for swimmers but also added a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. As an added benefit, LED lights are known for their durability, mitigating the need for frequent replacements and minimising downtime for swimming pool facilities.

LED pool lighting

These recent LED lighting installations are a testament to our commitment to providing innovative, energy-efficient, and visually captivating lighting solutions for a wide range of spaces. By embracing this technology, we have helped our clients save on energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint, increase safety and create stunning lighting experiences.

Stay tuned for more inspiring projects and industry insights as we continue to lead the way in revolutionising lighting installations with LED technology.


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